Dear colleagues,

2016 will mark 150 Years of Nestlé. That is 150 years of passion for nutrition, passion for quality that builds trust. 150 years to be proud of.

In Switzerland, we have planned several anniversary activities, all designed to share our passion for nutrition with the broader public. On the very site where Henri Nestlé first set up his business, we have built nest, a unique space where visitors can discover our history, expertise and future. We have transformed the Alimentarium into a worldwide authority on food and nutrition, improving the venue itself and creating a new digital learning platform.

Celebrating 150 years is a unique moment. It is a unique moment to look back at what we have achieved over these years and to thank the people who have brought us here. It is also an opportunity to reflect and project on the years to come. And, importantly, it is an opportunity to celebrate with our employees - all of you based in Switzerland.

I am therefore pleased to invite you to the Nestlé 150th Anniversary party, which takes place on 24th June in Lausanne. It will be a special summer festival filled with music from local Swiss bands, good food and, most importantly, memories that will last.

I look forward to seeing you in Beaulieu Lausanne on 24th June 2016.

Paul Bulcke
CEO, Nestlé S.A